500Watts to 1000Watts Solar Generators

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*Fueless Solar Generator: We have affordable Noiseless 500Watts Solar Generator (just 90k) that powers Barbing Salon, SelfContain MiniFlat, Shops, and bigger ones like 1.5kVA, 3kVA, up to massive Industrial 120kVA Solar Generator that comfortably powers Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Filing Stations, etc. Calculate the massive amount you yearly spend on fueling your generator, stop wasting money on fuel. We also have the following:

*Electronic Easy Daily Attendance Register: We install this Equipment that effortlessly marks everyone's daily Presence/Absence and time of Arrival/Departure at School, Work, Federal/State Ministries. A must-have for every School. Parents would love the School that has this more, because it daily notifies each parent through sms/email immediately their child arrives school, and does same again at departure from the School. Prevents: Laziness, Truancy, Rape, Kidnapping, etc.

*Unprecedented Low Wattage Electronic Appliances: 20 Watts 43" TV (most TVs are 100Watts and above, Rechargeable TVs, 15 Watts Rechargeable Fans, 300 Watts Kitchen Blender, advance Inverter ACs, Inverter Freezers, 3 Watts bright bulbs, 1 Watts bulbs, Energy Star Washing Machine, etc. All these ensure you Solar Generator lasts 24 hours for several years to come.

*Phone Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance that helps you watch and monitor your Home, Office, etc on your Phone live from anywhere you go in the World.

*Latest All-in-One Solar Street Light (automatically turns itself on at dusk and turns off at dawn). We do Government Contacts and Constituency projects with this.

*Modern Solar Borehole (automatic self-operational, set up and forget). We do Government Contacts and Constituency Projects with this.

*Remote Controlled Window blinds for Homes, Offices, Seminar Rooms, Halls, etc.

*200AH Lithium Batteries that are guaranteed to last between 5 to 10 years.

*Solar Cars (Yes, we've already brought them into this Country. See the pictures on our other facebook post)

*Solar Keke Napep

*Very affordable Electronic appliances Solar Fan for Cars, DC Irons, Music Eye Glasses, Detective Camera Eye Glasses, etc.

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500watts Compact Solar Generator

Performance and specifications


Hybrid: Charged by normal Government Supplied Electricity or From Solar Panels

It should be noted that our Solar Generators are not like the common non-sinusoidal ones that produce lines on TVs and make Fans to make strange noise. Ours  produces full Pure Sine Wave normal AC electricity.


Load Profile: Homes.

1 TVs (LED, LCD preferred not plasma)and DSTV Decoder.

1 DC Pressing Iron (we sell this too)

1 Fans (not industrial fans, OX etc), Blender, 8 LED Light points Charge laptops & phones etc and others not exceeding 500watts.

While our 1000Watts Solar Generator powers all the above with addition of modern big freezer that does not exceed 600watts in power requirements or Offices: Computers, printers, fans, lighting points not exceeding 1000watts. Critical systems: Medical devices, critical equipment, CCTV, IT equipment etc, not exceeding 1000watts. Product features: Rated Power: 1000watts continuous load. Built-in lithium ion power battery: 100AH, 200AH, 300AH, etc. / 1010.1Wh (25.9V 39Ah) Input voltage: 32V~45V 1. Input current : 8A Max 2. Solar Charge : 400Watts, 32V -45V max 3. Output AC voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz (pure sine wave) 4. Output voltage: 5V USB, 12V DC 5. Output current: USB: 5V/3A (4 ports) 12V/8A (2 ports) Max Charging time by ac adapter: 1Hour to 3Hours, Solar: 2 hours to 4 hours depending on level of sunshine and connected load such as charging and using same time.

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1.5kVA to 7.5kVA Solar Generators

The above is the sample that we've been enjoying for over 2 years in our office. Unlike the common conventional Solar Set ups that are scattered occupying much space and powered by big gel deep-cycle batteries that weakens after 8 months to 2 years, all our products comes with not just Lithium batteries but the latest advanced Lithium Battery Technology. And they all have longer guarantee because Lithium Batteries last between 5 to 10 years.

Advantages of using Lithium Battery for your Solar Energy Installations

There are many advantages to using a li-ion cell of battery. These li-ion battery advantages include:

  1. Smaller and lighter: Li-ion battery is lighter than other rechargeable batteries in consideration of battery capacity. This makes it more practical in portable consumer electronic devices in which physical specifications such as weight and form factor are considered important selling points.
  2. High energy density: Li-ion battery has higher energy density than other rechargeable batteries. This means having high power capacity without being too bulky. This is suitable for use in power-hungry devices such as laptops and smartphones. Advancements in technology open potential for higher capacities.
  3. Low self-discharge: Li-ion battery also has a low self-discharge rate of about 1.5 percent per month. This means that the battery has a longer shelf life when not in used because it discharges slowly than other rechargeable batteries. Take note that nickel-metal hydride battery has a self-discharge of 20 percent per month.
  4. Zero to low memory effect: Li-ion battery has zero to minimal memory effect. Take note than memory effect is a phenomenon observed in rechargeable batteries in which they lose their maximum energy capacity when repeated recharged after being only partially discharged. This memory effect is common in nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries such as NiCd and NiMH.
  5. Quick charging: Li-ion battery is quicker to charge than other rechargeable batteries. It actually takes a fraction of a time to charge when compared to counterparts.
  6. High open-circuit voltage: Li-ion battery has a chemistry that results in higher open-circuit voltage than other aqueous batteries such as lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and nickel-cadmium.
  7. Longer lifespan: Li-ion battery can typically handle hundreds of charge-discharge cycles. Some lithium ion batteries loss 30 percent of their capacity after 1000 cycles while more advanced lithium ion batteries still have better capacity only after 5000 cycles.

You Can now order for Lithium Inverter batteries(51V/90AH) 4.5KW for both indoor and Outdoor applications, 6KVA(5KW) ADVANCED HYBRID INVERTER and COMPLETE UNIT of PSC SOLAR (UK) 6KVA Hybrid Inverter with Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery Power bank.

Description of Lithium batteries (LiFePo4) and 6KVA Hybrid Advanced Inverter
1. Modular Design – Can Increase Power by adding more Units
2. Rapid Charging 10 times faster than conventional batteries
3. 10,000 Cycles @ 90% DOD
4. 20 Years battery design life
5. Extremely Light Weight
6. Plug and Play – No Connection needed
7. Affordable Price
8. Rapid Recharge from 100% discharge
9. Select Indoor Stackable version or Outdoor Wall Mount version –

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8.5kVA to 15kVA Solar Generators


  • Includes 15,000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 110-220 Volt/ 100 Amps 50/ 60 Hertz.
  • MorningStar 80 Amp MPPT, (12) 250 Amp
  • 12 Volt True Lithium Cell Batteries Wired in 3 strings in Series/Parallel.
  • Aims Digital Display, Grid Power Battery Recharging System.
  • Direct Current (D/C) and Alternating Current (A/C)
  • Breaker Boxes and Breakers with Internal Safety, Lightning Surge Protector.

For those that may prefer the common separately installed Components 12kVA Solar Gen System, we have that too. The detail below:

Model NO.
Output Voltage (V)
Load Power (W)
Work Time (H)
12V 250ah Gel Type
10kVA with MPPT 60A
C-Shaped Steel
Mc4 & Cable
5 Years
Transport Package
Panels 2 Pieces Packed in a Carton, Then 15 Catton
HS Code

Product Description

Customer Question & Answer

Ask something for more details

                                        12KVA 10000W 10KW Off Grid System With Solar Panel 

12kVA 10000W 10kw off Grid Solar Power System with Solar Panel

System requirement instruction Sunway-10KW/10KW Off-grid PV system
Design Basis Capacity 10000w components to configure; the system DC voltage is set to 220VDC; assuming that load 4000W
System Configuration and Offer
Item Part Specification Quantity Remarks
1 Solar panel SW260P-60 40PCS 10 in series 4 in parallel
2 Bracket  C-shaped steel 1 set Hot-dip zinc
3 Combiner box  4 inputs 1 output 1 pc 1000VDC, anti-lighting function
4 Inverter with Controller built in SW220-15KVA  1 set 1. Built in 50A MPPT controller
2. Support on-grid/Diesel input
3. Mains charging and bypass voltage stabilizing function
4. Pure sine wave, power frequency output, AC output :100/110/220/230VAC
5. 50/60Hz(Optional)
5 GEL Battery 12V-200AH 18 PCS GEL battery 4series, total release about 30KWH power,support the 5000W load use about 6H
6 Others Cable and plug MC4*10set According to the site;Customer-owned
4MM2*30m, 16MM2*30m
Instructions 1. The system battery capacity can be effectively released 30KWH.
2. In rainy days when the battery can maintain 5000W load work 6 hours.
3.The maximum power load should notv exceed 15KVA( Including inductive load impact: such as refrigerators, air conditioner, washing machines,etc. with motor load)
4. If the sun is full, need 4-5 hours can charger full the battery.
5. This system can support for 2-3 PCS light 1 unit fan, air-conditioner and TV.
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Welcome To HomeTechz OGARE Int'l Ltd.

HomeTechz OGARE Int'l Ltd is made up of young and highly innovative Architect, Engineers, builders and sales representatives. We provide innovative architectural solutions, construction services, sales and installation of home enhancement technologies and solutions. In summary, HomeTechz offers 3 major services: Architectural Designing, Building Construction, Sales and Installation of electrical generating wires and gadgets.

People learn from history to become better, because it is not wise to keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Right from the architectural designing stage, most house builders do not really factors in how to innovatively reduce conventional "normal" energy consumption of buildings. Consequently, for several years now, we've seen houses maintained a status quo of certain energy consumption rate which could have been far reduced by as much as 70% if some factors are put into consideration from the scratch. This timely solution is what we offer our noble clients for whom we develop their modern highly power-efficient renewable energy compliant homes. They are always glad after we've completed their house projects because if they choose to use normal Government national grip electricity, they pay far less that other people and if they choose to go totally off grid by using Solar photovoltaic electrification, there would not be any need to break their walls for electrical re-wiring or to partly destroy their roofs in the name of renewable energy gadgetss installations.

More and more individual clients and Government representatives are committing the development of their building Projects, from scratch to finish, into our hands because they've realized that we pull from the best building practices and innovations around the World to deliver tastefully developed energy-efficient modern finished structures at much more affordable rates.

Our customers are provided the latest technology and developments in the world of renewable energy. Your new Solar Generator is created using the best quality American, German and Chinese Made components to provide more generation, more storage, more dependability and more value.



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