4000 Watts Solar Generator that Powers AC, Freezer, etc.

1,700,000.00 1,300,000.00

Appliances Use Guide
Energy Supply Reference Sheet (4800WH)
Appliances Power (WATT) Quantity(PCS) Useing Time(Hour) Power Consumption(WH)
Air Condition 220V  1125W X1 5H OPTION
Cooker 220V  1150W X1 1H 1150WH
Washing Machine 220V 450W X1 2H 900WH
TV 220V 75W X1 6H 450WH
FAN 220V 60W X1 6H 360WH
Fridge 220V 135W X1 24H 1000WH
LED Lights 220W 7W X5 8H 280WH
Computer 220W 40W X1 2H 80WH
Charger 220W 5W X2 10H 100WH
Others 480WH
To Ensure Continuous Use of the Refrigerator,
Please Use The Load Reasonably Of Other Appliance!


4KW Solar Powered Generator With Expandable Capacity. Stop Wasting Money On Fuel!

4000W Solar powered generator, All in one design, simple operation, Best choice to build off grid solar energy system for home! (Can be upgraded to 6000W for home appliances)

So sure of the unprecedented engineering involved and the durability, that this has been given 2 solid solid Warrantee.

  • Item NO.:

    Global SOLAR 4800

  • The Following are inbuilt into the Mobile Generator
  • Inverter:

    4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Battery:

    24V 120Ah Gel Battery * 2pcs

  • Controller:

    48V 60A

  • AC Charge:


  • Size:

    96 * 54 * 39cm  

Charges with normal general Government NEPA  electricity or Solar Panels.


  • Solar Panel:

    250W Mono Solar Panel * 4pcs  


  • Appliances:

    Air-Condition, Fridge, TV, Fan, Light, Computer, Mobile Charge, etc.

>>Solar home generator is specially supply for home electricity appliances, All-in-one design is very easy to use, and install is only need to connect solar panels.

>>We provide 500W, 1000W, 1500W and 4000W standard models and OEM design for choosing, in addition to this, Generator also has connect port to add more batteries and solar panels.

>>In addition, we also offer solutions for large house, commercial and industrial solar power system solutions, to Stand by “Sustainable Development”.

(1)Solar Panel

Solar Panels we choose 250W Mono for standard design, and passed EL test, to guarantee your system can charge full in 6 hours, to ensure your power supply is sufficient, to provide you a better life.

(2)Solar Charge Controller
In order to keep your battery and solar panels long life, we design a variety of protective measures for you, include fault symbol indication, short circuit and reverse connected protection(solar panel), reverse connection of battery protection, battery over voltage protection, battery low voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and lightning protection.

(3)Storage Battery
Battery we highly recommend 24V large capacity gel battery, to ensure your energy backup is 3 days.

(4)Pure Since Wave inverters
We are always insisted on using low frequency pure sine wave inverter to change voltage, to protect your appliances better and load all appliances.

Advantages of Solar Home Generator

>>1. Solar Free Energy 
Solar Home Generator use solar panels to let solar energy convert to electricity for home use, it is the most efficient and environmentally friendly new energy source.
>>2. All-in-one Design 
We especially design controller, battery, inverter inside the generator, to let home use electricity more easily and safety, solar panels only need to connect the external port and can work.

>>3. Easy Upgrate 

If you want to add more appliances, please add more panels and batteries. How to do? Connect the port on the right side, so easy. ^_^


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