Best Solar Borehole Solutions

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Rural development projects, and individual projects. Solar Borehole System Primarily, we are associated in the shipment, sales and set-up of all forms of Solar Borehole Systems as Government constituency Projects in Rural Areas and in Cities. We construct fix and handover long-lasting Solar Boreholes. Our backup services guarantee that there is no delay on your borehole. HOMETECHZ OGARE LIMITED (ICT Solutions provider). DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION IN NIGERIA AND BEYOND. Sales Representative HomeTechz OGARE Internationaal Limited.

We sell all solar equipment and we do Government constituency normal borehole or Solar borehole projects across LGs. If you have link in other States Government(s) or Federal, contact us to partner with us in getting contract from them. You can become rich making our Country better and providing social amenities. Don’t dull, let’s help you maximize your opportunities legitimately. We also provide Solar Electricity generating stations for rural areas, Fiber Optics, etc. Contact us for prices and proposals.


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