Beautiful Low Wattage Rechargeable Fan 16″

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Stop wasting money, jacking up your own Government Electricity NEPA Bill by still buying 2nd generation electronics that squander electric energy.  Ensure that things you buy henceforth are the modern futuristic low-energy compliant appliances. Even if you are still using estimated bills without pre-paid meter, there would be no need for you to be worried about cutting corners when you finally get prepaid in the nearest future. And when you finally triumph by going all-solar off grid in the future, your Solar Generator that would last for 5 hours with 2nd generation appliances would last for 20 hour with your modern low-wattage appliances. That is whooping 4 times enjoyment; 4 times savings. So, you see the massive advantage of taking a short time to study and compare the power consumption of an appliance before you buy it.  Many standing fans in many homes currently consume 95 Watts per hour, and most homes have more than 1 fan. This means a home that uses this our 24 Watts fan which is exactly as big and effective as it 95 Watts fan counterpart would enjoy their Solar Generator for good 4 times more. Wake up and stop wasting money on fuel.

Fan Features

1.Adjustable height

2.DC 12V input socket

3.USB charger

4.LED night light QRF-5916H Rechargeable Fan QRF-5916H Specification:

Rated power: 24W

Duration time: 4.5hr/High, 12hr/Low

Rechargeable battery: 6V 7Ah Fan size: 16”

Fan speed: High /Middle/Low.


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