Fueless and Noiseless 15kWatts (15,000 Watts) Industrial Solar Generator

10,600,000.00 7,000,000.00



FUELESS and NOISELESS. Far better, durable and error-free unlike the archaic scattered common Solar set ups with bulky gel deep cycle batteries that dies within 8 months to 1 and half year. Thid id an advance all-in-One mobile Industrial Solar Generator with inbuilt charge controller, Inverter, DC breakers and all necessary Solar components. Works 24hours non stop. The series use advanced Lithium Polymer batteries with 5 to 10 years guarantee. With this package, you can reduce or eliminate outrageous electricity bills Sunlight is free, quickly take advantage.
Generate your own electricity from the sun.
No smell No noise
No smoke
It can be operated by all member of the family with one hand switch, You can place it in your leaving room or passageway.
Don’t be bothered about fuel scarcity/hike zero maintenance Easy to use power gen. Low effort.
Hybrid; it can be charged by Nepa or Solar Panels.


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