Very Affordable Solar Submersible Pumping Machine

265,000.00 155,000.00



You can buy in bulk for constituency Projects.

Very reliable Japanese Solar products

Made by high-speed punching lathe imported from Japan, compared with normal stator, burr is less.

Concentricity is more standard, stability is improved by 50%.

Smooth surface, no sand hole, uniform thickness, guarantee each pump no leakage and no crack.

Adopt automatic painting line, make each pump surface uniform coating and strong adhesive force.

100% copper wire, with thermal protector, make the pump stop working automatically at the condition of jam or over load etc.

100% coil testing to make sure each coil energized, and no leakage at high voltage condition.

Adopt advances pump testing equipment to test the pump performance including flow rate, head, power and temperature rise etc. contact us for more info


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